The Simple Guy Diet is a fantastic way to start to lose weight.

The Simple Guy is real.....as it is my own personal success story. It is a low cost, low effort framework to improve your overall health.  My personal goal was to lose about 10% (20 pounds) of my body weight.  My success and that of others are real, satisfying and sustainable.

For me, work and life seem to get in the way of my personal health, so I needed to keep things super simple to succeed.  I did not want to have the obligation or the cost associated with most high profile plans.....so I created my own.

This weight loss method is based on common sense and no one telling you what to do. It delivers advise on how weight loss can be fun, low cost while leaving you in absolute control.

The latest version of my short, easy-to-read, easy-to-apply book can be found here!

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If I am going to be out and about for a good chunk of the day, I make sure I have a snack plan cooked up before I head out the door. A great place to eat crappy snacks is a golf course. Before I put my sticks in the car, I make sure I have a couple of handfuls of mixed nuts in a small Ziploc bag, so I can avoid the Snickers bar or the (damn delicious) peanut butter crackers. Also, if it is a little hot outside, it is so tempting to get a beer or two... or a Gatorade or three. (Despite being marketed as healthy, your typical 20oz bottle of Gatorade has next zero nutritional value and a whopping 34 grams of sugars – not at all low-carb!) For me, I bring a bottle of water and just politely smile and wave at the cart girl as she passes by.

Nalgene + Nuts



I received some questions about my travel post regarding what I ate when I was on my 9-day business trip. OK, here was generally what I had:

BREAKFAST: I had them make me a veggie omelet, with no cheese… no toast… no potatoes… and two slices of bacon. Three things that make it awesome: 1) they had diced cilantro as a veggie option, 2) they had Tabasco, and 3) LOTS of black pepper… three of my all-time favorite flavors!

LUNCH: As every meal was in a restaurant, I would order a small salad, and a small side of hot steamed veggies… bonus points if they have Tabasco. Be carful here not to deviate from the plan, as your colleagues will certainly be having the club sandwich with fries or the personal pan pizza.

DINNER: Most of our dinners were in the hotel restaurant. I found that I was happiest when I ordered a large side of steamed veggies. A bit of Tabasco or chili oil and I was good to go. Another nice thing is to order a pot of hot tea… as it is hot, it really slows you down. Certainly I envied my colleagues eating pasta and the bacon cheeseburger, but for this week, I was going to stick to my guns and “just manage it”.


When it was all said and done and we were heading back home, my work buddies were all claiming that they needed to go on a diet… and, as for me, I came home 7 pounds lighter and feeling in complete control of my food and my weight objectives. I am sure they we envious.

Here are some of USA Today’s tips for How to Eat Healthy While Traveling: http://traveltips.usatoday.com/eat-healthy-traveling-1556.html



Every once in a while, I tend to lose a bit of interest and a bit of focus on my food plan. Lots of times it is around a family vacation or a bunch of business travel where I just kinda fall off the Simple Guy wagon.   In many ways I do not care, as I take full responsibility for my lack of discipline. About a month ago, I went on a 9-day business trip (which is super long for me), and I decided to “Simple Guy it” for the trip’s duration. I was amazed at how easy this was, as when I got on the plane, I used that as my official start. OK, I had a burrito at the airport to signify my “last supper”, but I was off to the races! I found that eating was just always a bit more top of mind, and made my meal choices easier. I see so many people over-eat on business travel… and this was once me as well. One of my work buddies observed another one of our colleagues at the breakfast buffet and said, “Look at John, he eats every meal like he is going to the electric chair!” I am pleased to report that I made it all 9 days… and lost a total of 7 pounds by being thoughtful, low-carb, and low booze each day. I am not sure I will be able to do this on every trip… but why not give it a go on one of your next trips? I think you will find that not only do you feel better, you will likely lose a bit of weight, and these good habits will get you jump-started to keep going on a better path once you get back home!




I really know very little about nutrition. Although a friend of mine who saw what I was eating suggested I amp up my protein. Since I really did not care, I did not ask him why… but he thought it would do me a world of good. I figured, “what the heck”, and took the easy way out and bought a protein drink (the ones that come individually packaged, like Muscle Milk or Premier Protein) found in the nutrition section of my grocery store.   It has plenty of other good stuff in there (vitamins and minerals) including a lot of calories… like 160. I started having one of these as my in-office lunch. They do not need to be refrigerated, so they are super simple to consume as an “on the go mini-meal”. I was surprised at three things: 1) How tasty it was to consume: I am sure there will be lots of people that do not like the taste or texture… for me, it is awesome, 2) Fun and handy: I typically drink about a quarter of it, screw the lid back on, wait for a minute or two, shake it up and drink another quarter. This gives me 4 solid portions over a 5-minute period. After my last drink, I fill the thing with water and drink that as well before disposing of the little carton, and 3) How satisfying it is:  I was shocked at how I felt full from this little container of magic fluid. And, although a bit alarmed at the 160 calories when I first looked at it, it is hard to find a yummy lunch anywhere that is 160 calories or less!!

Muscle Milk

Also, since I have been doing this for the past 10 days, I seem to sleep better and, as I told my wife, feel like I have “more nutrition in me”… if that makes any sense.

If you’re interested in the high-protein idea but not so sure about the Muscle Milk, check out these healthy tips for choosing real foods with loads of protein.




Although it has been years since I wrote the Simple Guy Diet, one thing certainly has not changed… my LOVE for doughnuts!! I probably get a doughnut only about four times a year, and every time I have one, I am smiling from ear to ear. I hope whoever invented these things won the Nobel Prize for awesomeness! I will say, there are a couple of guiding principals in doughnut selection. First, only do it when you have planned to do it… not as an impulse purchase. This way you get a bit of bonus pleasure from the anticipation. I typically scoop mine up on a weekend, so I think about my “getting it strategy” on Friday. Then, Saturday morning, I go to a GREAT doughnut place to purchase my treasure. I have bought plenty of doughnuts at national grocery stores in the bakery section…and for the most part, they are all disappointing. So, if you are going to get one, then make it a GREAT one!! Anther good thing to do is strategize where you are going to consume it. This is only important as my doughnut place has lousy coffee, so I either pick up a good coffee on the way, or hang on to my doughnut and consume it when I get a solid cup of joe. Finally, I typically break it into about half. I, for sure, eat the bigger half first… and if possible, try and give the other half away to a lucky family member… although I usually eat the whole damn thing… smiling.




So many of the bad things I ate at home were because I had my kids in the house… and clearly a lack of personal will-power by me!  I love my kids, but I can tell you, that once my wife and I became “empty-nesters” our food world changed. The last kid to move out was my son.  The dynamic in our house changed in so many ways… and socially, I missed him a ton.  From a food perspective, we got rid of the bags of chips, goldfish crackers, loaves of bread, boxes of cereal, tortillas, boxed crackers and Oreos.  Just getting those damn things out of the house and not having them available was a big game-changer.  At first I missed them, as a little bit of this and a little bit of that was just part of my daily life.  If you do have kids still in your house, I think you need to sort out a bit of a plan to have “their food” and "your food”.  I was always quick with the excuse of why I was eating what he was eating… but in reality, it was just a convenient excuse to consume what I knew was bad for me and get away with it. No longer will I allow myself to have my kids or my house guests be “my beard”… instead, MY consumption is MY responsibility, and excuses are just excuses.  Lastly, I was SUPER surprised that when my son came home for Christmas and summer last year, he was not looking for our typical household snacks…but instead happy to grab an apple or a piece of cheese to nibble on.  The biggest change in my son was that he had no interest in having a can of soda, but was walking around with a Nalgene bottle full of water.  Looking back, I kinda wonder if all those processed food things I had in the house were actually for him… or were they really for me!?!

In case your nest is not yet empty, here are some Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids that also happen to be healthy snack ideas for adults!



Not too long ago I found one of those Magic Bullet mixers in our kitchen cabinet.  I thought that it might be good to see what it would be like to start my day with a small home-made shake.  I start with about 4 ounces of water, three ice cubes, two big spoonfuls of yogurt, a palmful of blueberries, a palmful of crushed walnuts, and about half of a banana.  This will make 12-14 ounces of smoothie.  The nuts are a HUGE upgrade in the taste and the ability to make it feel hearty.  On the days I have one of these bad boys, I find my lunches to be very small, as the smoothie seems to carry me though the morning with only the desire for a light lunch.  I have now become more strategic on the days I do make them, trying to identify when I am gong to have a busy work morning or just a super-busy day.  I feel like I have the fuel I need and will be plenty happy to grab something light and fast for lunch.

For some more creative ideas, check out these 20 Healthy, Protein-Packed Smoothie Recipes from Men’s Health



As I was going through TSA, my weight is still lower that what is on my driver’s license… I love that!  Especially knowing that I lied about my weight by nearly 10 pounds, which makes the delta even bigger.  It is the little moments like this that give me great satisfaction that I have been able to keep things mostly under control… and for years!  I always know that there is more weight to lose, but I seem to care less about being the “ideal me”, and just damn happy with the “better me”… at least for now.



OK…here is some crazy thinking…
On my last long business trip (a week long), I decided at the beginning of the trip that I was going to only "Simple Guy it" for the week.  Usually when I go on trips, things get out of control… food wise.  There are dinners, lunches and those damn free breakfasts at the hotel.  Even though the breakfast food is not too good, it is free, so typically I would pack it in… I am SO weak!  This time was different – I had a big scoop of scrambled eggs with black pepper and a bit of Tabasco.  No bread… no potatoes.  I have recently learned that those little containers of yogurt are packed with sugar as are fruit drinks… like apple juice and orange juice… so heads up on that!  I had a small cup of their crappy black coffee (dreaming of my Starbucks Americano) and a big ‘ol glass of water.  Not that the meal was any big deal… my satisfaction came only as I walked away knowing I did not cave in to all the available crap… and that I had put myself on a pathway for a solid eating day.

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Man, whoever invented arugula lettuce was one smart dude!  If you are not a user of arugula, you need to get a packet of it at your local grocery store.  For EVER I ate the same crappy iceberg lettuce and thought that was what salad was all about.  Now with arugula in my life, it has become the perfect leafy friend to mix into my daily salad or the perfect bed for that occasional can of tuna for dinner.  And while we are on the topic of trying new things in the lettuce area, grab a bag of mixed greens and a bag of slaw mix (usually like a dollar at a national grocery store) and start to blend them all together in your master bowl for something new, different…and better!

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